About Us


Meet Kaela

Owner/ Lead Designer

Lets go back 20 years. A 4 year old little girl with the constant obsession of playing pretend rockstar or bride, had an early addiction of wanting to make things "shine". K'LA Boutiue & Events Owner Kaela Kinney, (National CMA Recording Artist, K'LA STRAPS Founder, Interior Designer, 6 Figure Business Start-Up Speaker, and Songwriter) started decorating concert events and parties she was performing at. Her passion for creating beautiful interiors, tablescapes, and stages started out as a freelance work that traveled by word of mouth to a full-time job. In 2011, the online retail store, Bling Bridal Events launched as a  rentals/retail company with high end rentals serving Northwest Ohio, Southern California, and online. It was visioned as a "One Stop Shop" for those who worked directly with Kaela. Anything is possible, and KLA Events is dedicated to help you find your perfect decor beyond our available shop products. Kaela is known as the rising "Sparkle Queen" of Country music. She lives her brand, and is excited to help your event "shine". 

As a serial entrepreneur,  Kaela owns and designs for 4 of her self-started companies. (K'La Straps, K'LA Interiors, Bling Bridal Events, and K'LA Boutique & Events) 


Meet Kim


Kim Gardner - creative director / Customer Relations Kim is in Charge of processing orders and production. Kim has over 15 yrs of experience designing events, back drops, and creating interior decor.